A Natural High

By Cassie Curatolo

There is a connection between the quality of cannabis and the environment in which it’s grown. Many of Humboldt County’s farmers cultivate under the late summer sun in the sweeping valleys nestled between the salty sea and the dense, dark redwoods. Here, the air is clean — unspoiled by the smog of vehicles and the industry of the city. Here, nights are clear and quiet. Here, things grow. And they grow big. You can tell by the size of the ancient old growth trees that have stood guarding life behind the Redwood Curtain for hundreds of years. Here, six rivers have carved brilliant blue and green paths across the county, bringing life along their way to vast coastlines. Here, the fog rolls in from the ocean and blankets the pastures, softening the landscape like the edges of a watercolor. Here, verdant cannabis plants stretch upward against a backdrop of open sky and forest. With these stunning vistas and rolling hills in mind — some of them captured in the following shots by photographer Amy Kumler — we’ve come to the conclusion that beautiful weed comes from beautiful places.